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Nasty Girl MP3 Download BEST

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Nasty Girl MP3 Download

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[Ludacris]Yeah, I met this girl named Keisha, she was so sweet (yup)Nails stay manicured, pretty little feet (woo!)Shoes so sexy, body so hotHair looking like she just came from the shopLegs so smooth, clothes so tightStyle so sexy, makeup just rightNever too much, never too littleBlack lace bra, Vickie Secrets in the middleEyes so innocent, smile so brightWorks in the morning but she'll party all nightAll for her man, all cause she bout itAll cause she crazy in love and don't doubt itProduct of her birthplace, know about the streetsClean in the workplace, dirty in the sheetsKeeps her own toaster, makes her own breadLady in the street but a freak in the bed, cause

[Plies]Okay, okay, hahaI got a college girl who go to church every SundayHad her sneak out of choir rehearsal to put it on meBut she's so innocent, when she riding, mamiOne thing about her, she get her own moneyGave it to her yesterday while she was doing laundryFavorite chore of mine, it's my lil' bunnyBowl-legged and classy, such a real womanSex all night, go to work every morningText me from work and told me she was hornyText her back and told her, "Me too mami"When you get off work, daddy gon' punishYou my nasty girl forever I promise

[Ludacris]I got a doctor girlfriend that tells me, "Come home soon!"She plays like my house is her emergency roomTells me to undress and to lay on the sofaChecks all my vitals like a doc's supposed taAll white coat, all white heelsAnd nothing underneath so it's an all night dealI'm her number one patient and delighted to beAnd when she needs her medicine I give her vitamin DBut wait! I got a lawyer girl that's so wildAnd every single night she wanna take me to trialSaid she needs some evidence, and to show her the proofSo I put her on the stand and I give her the truth!Cause I'm hung like a juryJudge Luda preside over your body and I'm never in a hurryYou may proceed, let the games beginAnd if I call a mistrial we gotta do it again 041b061a72


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