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The flatliners want to know if near-death tales of bright lights and out-of-body experiences are true. But what they find appears to be hell, i.e., a place where they pay for their sins.


Flatliners is an absorbing and deeply disturbing film. Five medical school students become obsessed with the death experience and each wants to "flatline". They want to die under controlled conditions, experience what death is like, and then be brought back to life. They begin competing for who can "flatline" longer. (When the E.E.G. flatlines, the brain is dead.) After returning to normal life, Nelson keeps seeing his childhood dog, Champ. Champ appears to him whimpering and injured but when Nelson follows the illusive Champ, Nelson is severely beaten by a young boy. Each of the other flatliners also begin experiencing disturbing hallucinations and flashbacks to some traumatic experience in their past. 041b061a72




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