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Japan U15 Lolita Reina Yamada

celestia ludenberg illustration sprite anime name romaji seresutia rdenberuku katakana english celestia ludenberg celestia ludenberck * aliases & titles english celeste queen of liars taeko yasuhiro (real name) japanese (celes) (real name) talent ultimate gambler ch kk ky no gyanbur

japan u15 lolita Reina Yamada

it is later revealed that she told the truth about her name being really reina yamada and had a curious fascination with the human race's development of technology, such as computers, due to her ability to understand how the internet worked. she refused to let people use her real name for her online gaming site.

  • celestia ludenberg name romaji seresutia rdenberuku katakana english celestia ludenberg

  • talent ultimate gambler

japan u15 lolita reina yamada her interest in gambling had a dark side, and she actively courted danger to take part in risky and illegal activities. as a young girl, she was prone to risky behavior, often placing her own life at risk in gambling, and was caught in a number of incidents involving the use of guns or knives. at the time of the events of the first game in the series, she had been gambling with the yakuza, a group operating outside the law, and was keen to continue gambling while they had money to invest.


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