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?????"I got these for my wife as a Valentine's Day present. The design, in my opinion, is classically cool. Thin gold frames and tortoise shell temples look so good together. They are really well made and compare favorably with sunglasses that are much more expensive. Most of all, my wife loves them." - Glenn C.

buy vintage sunglasses

We value Carrera and share a strong passion for the brand, made and designed by Wilhelm Anger from Austria, who has been our inspiration and role model since the first day we opened up our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop! He was also the big man behind the Boeing vintage frames Collection, Porsche Design by Carrera and Optyl, which you can find in many frames we offer besides Carrera.

Keep it classy with these vintage glasses from high-end brands. Exclusive Designer BrandsWe are proud to show you our complete collection of vintage frames sunglasses, from the golden era with these and other exclusive designer brands as Cazal, Alpina, Lacoste, Alfred Dunhill, Playboy, Cébe Eyewear, and many more. Including even the rarer and hard-to-find brands made by Carrera such as Movado, Boss, and Sunjet. These Vintage frames are some of the best vintage old school sunglasses for sale, they will never go out of style or demand and we will ensure their value. Press Room What is the difference between retro and vintage sunglasses?

Every pair that you see in our Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop has a story behind it; many of these frames have been worn by the super stars of the past. Others made a mark one way or another. All in all, we have the best sunglasses for men and women in our store. If you are looking for something unique that stands for authentic design and quality, you will find it in our store. Because, our vintage frames sunglasses serve equally as a symbol of uniqueness, to your style statement.

From the vintage frames, color schemes, to the smallest of details surrounding the vintage sunglasses for women and the original vintage sunglasses for men - everything was unique to that time and having that original piece with you is like owning something from the time gone by.

All of our vintage sunglasses are professionally cleaned in a special ultrasonic machine that clears all residue in corners and hard to reach places making them cleaner and ready for use, once they arrive at your doorstep.

We aspire to not just sell original designer vintage sunglasses that were all the rage in the 70s, 80s, and the 90s, but also ensure that our service reflects our values. The expertise of the entire team at Genuine Vintage Sunglasses shop reflects within the quality of the products in-store along with the service provided to our customers. Rest assured, you are in great hands and will be catered to with utmost transparency.

...Read More How can you tell if sunglasses are vintage? The term "vintage" describes an object that is at the very least fifty years old, making vintage Sunglasses decades-old and original. Each vintage eyewear is one-of-a-kind and is often handmade. Being manufactured in countries reputed for their high-standard production, Vintage Sunglasses are of the highest standards and have maintained their value even decades later.

These vintage frames are an old original product from past decades and not a modern reproduction or even retro glasses. Often these old models are still handmade and were produced in countries with high quality standards (e.g. "made in Germany").

How are we able to offer this variety of original glasses spanning many decades? Our worldwide network of contacts helps us to track down these old treasures. Unfortunately, these are mostly unique pieces or a limited number of a particular model, especially as we only ever want to sell you unworn vintage glasses.

Vintage-Sunglasses is a small team of opticians and lovers of antiques of all kinds. Founded in 2006, the company specializes in the laborious discovery of vintage glasses and sunglasses. The online shop was the world's first supplier of unworn original glasses from the 70s to 90s and has served as a benchmark for the industry ever since.

Alone the expert optician at Vintage-Sunglasses can already look back on almost 40 years of experience with glasses and was already around when today's vintage glasses were still brand new collections. The expertise of the entire team is highly valued by customers, specialist dealers, designers, and collectors around the world, but also by courts and insurance companies when it comes to proving originality or evaluating certain vintage models.

Up your game in the style stakes with a pair of Ed and Sarna vintage sunglasses. We have one of the UK's biggest collections of designer deadstock vintage sunglasses online. Create a unique pair of vintage sunglasses by adding some custom lenses in with your order.

If you are tired of getting a new pair of shades only to find that half the world and their mum are wearing the same pair, there is only one solution. We can customise all of our vintage sunglasses with new modern UV400 lenses that provide the highest standards of protection and outrageous levels of style! With prices for custom lensing starting from just 20 and frames from 30 a new pair of custom vintage sunglasses are actually affordable too.

Aficionados look back with affection at frames from the 1930s-60s, when joints were hand-pinned, plastic frames carefully edged and sunglasses had an unmistakable weight and presence. The result was a purchase that, just like a food mixer, refrigerator or television set, was built to last. A 1950s pair of exotically named Holidays, Bahamas or Myths could quite conceivably have taken a young girl from her teens to marriage.

Increasingly, it was. Where there was sun, there had to be sunglasses, and they were a recurring motif in transport posters of the time. A swimsuit-clad beauty, sunglasses in hand, lured holidaymakers to Prestatyn (for the London Midland Region railway) while, for American Airlines, a bronzed, bikinied girl, complete with sunglasses, gave the impression that it never rained in Los Angeles.

US giant Foster Grant sold its first pair of sunglasses in 1929. They were the first optical firm to use injection moulding and their styles were very much mass market. Today they make a good and cheap starting point.

Polaroid was a great favourite of millions, my mother included. An American, Edwin Land, patented a film that could block certain light rays and eliminate glare. In 1937 he founded the Polaroid Corporation, which went on to dominate the middle market in the 1960s with its polarised sunglasses. They were widely sold in chain stores, local garages and even Post Offices.

Many people are buying vintage sunglasses these days as a nod to the past or as a novelty. Watching someone wear vintage sunglasses is a great way to get a sense of their personality. These classic styles can add a timeless look to any outfit and help you steal the spotlight.

Everyone has experienced the feeling of discovering an old, forgotten piece of clothing that has been hiding in a closet all their lives. Maybe it was an old pair of jeans that fit perfectly, or maybe it was a pair of sunglasses that perfectly complemented their outfit.

Vintage sunglasses are so much more than just a style. It boldly portrays a fashion statement. They hold a unique and fun story that can be shared with others, and make anyone more confident; the style that defined an era. It is not just the style and history, but also the desire to connect to a glamorous past.

The new trend with vintage sunglasses is that we can wear them on any occasion. They can be worn with jeans, a dress, or even a suit. Most people wear vintage glasses to wear with a tuxedo, so they look sharp and put together.

The revival of the vintage trend is largely due to millennials, who are buying a lot of vintage glasses. These classic sunglasses embody the myriad of ways in which women demonstrate their femininity and assertiveness. Many followers of the latest fashion believe the current vintage trend is a product of the rise of social media and its powerful influence on haute couture.

This new trend of vintage sunglass has an incredible effect on fashionistas spreading virally on social media. Women of fashion and celebrities like Scarlett Johansson, Kim Kardashian, and Cate Blanchett wearing Cat Eye vintage sunglasses in their latest Instagram photos are simply captivating. It has become all the rage among the social media community, who are spotting them in music videos, on the red carpets, and most recently, at the Academy Awards.

Not only can you find sunglasses in all shapes, sizes, and color combinations, but you can also find retro styles such as Aviators, Wayfarers, and Cat Eyes in a variety of materials, including acetate, plastic, and metal. If you're interested in buying vintage sunglasses, keep an eye out for signs that indicate your sunglasses are vintage or classic.

The Retro Cat-Eye frame is an ideal choice for women entrepreneurs, since it gives them a smart and enigmatic look that will accentuate their competence. Vintage Large Round glasses are the latest trend in 2022. They are elegantly well-suited for rectangular and square-shaped faces. The 70s Square Glasses are timeless and super trendy. With its oversized dimensions and thick frames, this year's style adopts the retro-vintage vibe.

Some of the globally popular brands that have started to make their classic sunglass collection available include Ray Ban, Carrera, Giorgio Armani, and Persol. Surprisingly, some of these sunglasses are much cheaper than the newest sunglasses.

You might have heard about the vintage trend, but you might not have known just how far it has spread. With fashion eyewear online stores conveniently accessible on your palmtop, the vintage trend has gone mainstream. You can now find vintage sunglasses, dresses, and other vintage items at your local mall, instead of only at niche stores. 041b061a72




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