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Breaking Bad Season 2 Complete 720p BluRay: The Highest Quality Torrent Available Online

a year ago, jonathan (jonathan_86) wrote: "the best way to pirate tv is using torrents. i watch all the us tv shows on netflix but the uk ones are nowhere near as good or have less episodes. the only way to get them is to pirate."

breaking bad season 2 720p torrent 37

i imagine that most of us here have already downloaded a torrent for breaking bad. in fact, i'm sure many of us have downloaded several torrents, which means that some of you are probably here because you are looking for more.

we have heard that up to 40 per cent of foxtel subscribers still use a torrent site to get a copy of the got s4 premiere. that sounds a little dubious but, along with the aforementioned hbo go crash, it does suggest a fact often forgotten in discussions of tv shows and torrents: not every downloaded episode is a direct loss of revenue.

this week, foxtel has ended its exclusive online streaming rights for the us version of game of thrones. as a result, the season four premiere for hbo's hit show got is now readily available through several online streaming services.

on thursday, the fourth season of game of thrones, the must-watch tv series based on george r.r. martin's best-selling books, will hit the us itunes store, google play and hbo go to air on tv screens and streaming devices. but what's the legal options to watch this episode? and how do we watch it, legally?

as we head into the final chapter of this long-awaited season, we're asking the question: is downloading the got s4 premiere from torrents legal? and if it is, where do you get your hbo go password? if you're still unsure, check out our handy guide to the legality of downloading, and how to keep your got download from getting caught by the law. oh, and if you're downloading got for the first time, here's a link to download the episode to your android.


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