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When you order your boules, think about adding a couple of Obut jacks to your order. Your set of boules will include a jack, but the Obut jacks are noticeably better, and there is no extra shipping charge if you add a few to your order. Pick the color that you think will be most visible; we recommend orange or yellow.

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It is possible to buy competition grade boules on eBay as long as one knows what questions to ask the seller. It is a requirement of FIPJP that competition boules have engraved on them: the trademark of the manufacturer, the model of the boules, the weight (in grams), and a unique serial number (same number on each boule set). Some brands also have the diameter engraved on them.

By 1984, the standard configurations of boules for singles (3 boules per player), doubles (3 boules), and triples (2 boules) had become part of the rules. Manufacturers continued to sell boules in sets of both two and three, but as doubles became more popular, the market for 2-boule sets gradually declined. Finally, around 2012 Obut stopped selling competition boules in sets of two.

Is it possible to buy hollow plastic boules that can be filled with water or sand to increase their weight? I find that my traditional metal boules are too heavy to take on a plane to remote countries.

Yes, all of the boules can be from different sets as long as they each individually are acceptable. Again, I will refer you to the FAQs page on The Rules of Petanque site: _with_mismatched_boules

I can imagine a player combining boules from two different sets and then putting (say) red paint in the stripes of all of the boules in order to show that they all belong to him. If any of your players are thinking of doing that, you should first consult with your national federation on its policy for coloring boules. National federations differ on this. In the USA it would be OK, but in the Netherlands it would not. See _you_color_boules

Aan boules mag volgens artikel 2 niets worden veranderd. Trucage kan méér kan inhouden dan alleen maar thermische of mechanische bewerkingen van het ijzer: ook verven of beïnkten vallen hieronder als daardoor de eigenschappen van een boule veranderen. Zo kan een boule er stroever door worden.

In toenemende mate ontstaat uit het oogpunt van publieksvriendelijkheid belangstelling voor het spelen met gekleurde boules. Als in de nabije toekomst gekleurde boules af fabriek worden geleverd die door de FIPJP worden goedgekeurd, zijn die vanzelfsprekend ook hier toegestaan.

Ook bestaat er voor onderlinge wedstrijden en voor kleinere toernooien (regionaal) geen overwegend be-zwaar tegen het aanbrengen van een bescheiden markering op boules (bijvoorbeeld met een markeringsstift enkele puntjes of een streepje zetten, of een deel van de striage inkleuren), mits de eigenschappen van de boule er niet door veranderen. De scheidsrechter beoordeelt of deze markering kan worden toegestaan.

According to article 2, nothing about boules may be changed. Tampering with a boule may involve more than just heating or mechanical operations on the iron. It may also involve painting and inking. Applying a coat of paint or ink can affect the properties of a boule. For example, a boule may be rougher [to provide a better grip?].

[2010 version] Occasionally, especially during big tournaments, the competition organizer may require boules to be colored in order to improve their visibility to the viewing public. In such cases, in order to avoid the kind of abuse of paint described above, the coloring of the boules will be done by the competition organizer. This is technically incorrect, but it is tolerated for the sake of promoting the sport.

[2016 version] There is an increasing interest in playing with colored boules in order to make it easier for spectators (the viewing public) to follow the game. If in the future manufacturers produce colored boules (boules colored at the factory), and those boules are approved by the FIPJP, they are obviously permitted here too.

For friendly(mutual?) games and smaller (regional) tournaments, a modest amount of marking may be applied to boules (for example, using a marker to add colored dots or dashes to the striage lines), provided that doing so does not change the playing properties of the boule.

That does not seem to me to allow for colored boules in an international tournament. Note that the paragraph that said that competition organizers could provide colored boules was in the commentary on the 2010 rules. It was removed and replaced in the commentary on the 2016 rules.

100% of the boules marketed by OBUT are designed and then manufactured in our factory in St-Bonnet-le-Château, France since 1955. Quality is THE watchword at Obut and the concern of everyone. Product quality, the fruit of leading edge technology, thorough and continual quality controls, a dedicated workforce and functional adaptation.

Enjoy the sun and fresh air this summer with garden boules & petanque. They're suitable for all ages, so you can come together and have fun outside. They are ideal for entertaining the masses on any sunny (or overcast!) day.Boules and pentanque games are perfect for hot days when you want some fun, light activity that won't get you too hot! Decathlon specialise in high quality at affordable prices. No matter your budget, you'll be able to find the perfect thing with us. Order online today and make the most of our fast delivery service.Want more? Explore our range of garden boules & petanque equipment.

The set comes in a drawstring sealed, net carry bag that feels strong enough to hold the weight of the balls without stretching or tearing, and should last if not abused.This is a fun alternative to traditional boules, and well worth a try.

Unlike many of these products that are made in China, this wooden boules set is made in the Jura region of France, and the difference quality shines through. Yes, they will cost you a little more than a decent plastic set, but they will no doubt last you twice as long, and look so much better too.

In Pétanque, players must throw from a circle with both feet firmly on the ground. In precision shooting, the players have to strike at randomized distances, different targets in various situations. In classic, the players attempt to place their boules closer to the jack than the boules of their opponents.

AIX-branded Stainless steel Obut leisure set of boules. Designed for occasional sports and leisure to play with family or friends.Boules (or Pétanque) is a century-old game originating from Provence. Friendly and traditional, played in parks and on sunny squares throughout Provence, boules reflects the relaxed lifestyle of southern France.

With 6 uniquely marked chrome plated boules, a single cork jack, 1m twine measuring tool and handheld Oxford canvas carry case, this premium French Boules set includes everything you need to host a game in your back garden or on holiday.

Constructed with a corrosion resistant chrome plated outer casing these high-quality iron boules can be used to tactically knock your opponent's balls away from the jack, without the fear of bumps damaging your boules over time. Each ball is engraved with unique markings to help players identify their balls during games. When the time arises to accurately determine the winner use the twine measuring tool to do so. This 1m tool will instantly settle any debate about who's ball is closest to the cork jack ensuring every game you play is decided fairly.

Once you have finished playing with this French boules set, the Oxford canvas carry bag provides a protective storage solution. The bag fits the entire set into one tidy case which can be stored in the garage or packed into your suitcase allowing you to take your boules set with you on holiday.

At Net World Sports we offer a wide range of garden game sets including our Vermont Procourt Mini Tennis Net & Racket Set, Croquet Sets and Garden Cricket Sets which complimen this French boules set perfectly.

Boule is a popular garden sport that originated in France many years ago. Boule is enjoyed by people of all ages and is often played in parks, gardens, club pitches and even indoors.The aim of boule is to get your ball closer to the jack, which is positioned at the start of the game, than your opponents, whilst also trying to strategically move their ball further away whilst gaining advantage with your own.Sports Ball Shop sells boules equipment of the highest quality, offering incredible aesthetic appeal and also amazing durability and reliability.We have a range of Garden Games Boule sets, which contain all of the components required to enjoy playing this fantastic, relaxing game.Our Big Game Hunters boule sets are ideal for use by players of all levels, featuring 6 or 8 aesthetically advanced metal boules, a durable wooden jack and a strong and canvas carry case. We now also have an 8 piece wooden set too.These impressive boule sets are suited to players of any level and is ideal for parties, garden fun, BBQ's and many more scenarios, thanks to the convenient carry case that allows you to take the set wherever you go. 041b061a72




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